Original Leave Me Alone Art 11 x 14 Ink on paper


Original Leave Me Alone Art 11 x 14 Ink on paper


Here's your chance to pick up an original Deni Gauthier piece used in the video for the Leave Me Alone from Quiet Town. Only one avalible!

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Main Art by Deni Gauthier http://www.deni.me
Blown smoke images by the Naked Pastor http://www.nakedpastor.com
Animation by Jordan Cabral Marchand

Sometimes we fight the very negativity we produce only to produce more of it... am I right? 

Leave Me Alone 

Hey Angie… can I put this one on the album?  Is it too negative??" I played it for my wife the day before I left for the school house.  There was a few seconds of silence and I hear "whoa… yes… I suppose that should go on, but it may be the saddest song
I've ever heard".   

Is it a break up song?  I've never really broken up with anyone, nothing serious anyway.  I don't always write from personal experience.  I don't always write for myself, sometimes I have no idea what I’m writing.  But the more I sing it, the more I get out of it.  I have this feeling that there is more to this song than a break up. Maybe this is a song about breaking free of something (someone?) that’s anchoring you down.   

Steve rocked the organ.  Tom and I cranked the crazy background vocals.  There is "outdoor" percussion throughout, and that adds an amazing atmospheric feeling the entire song. 

This is the soundtrack to a fresh start.
I've heard there are stars that light up the sky, when someone is born or somebody dies  
And that hope is a thing of the past
So dreaming counts not, and the earth is still grey, ya we take change to heart and then walk away now… 
All on our own now at last 

Go ahead and leave me alone
Leave just enough call on the phone
Don't worry 'bout the way things were left
Just go ahead and leave 

We walk heads held down, the walk of shame, interestingly enough we can't take the blame for that
It's simply just not where we're at
But somehow so pure, it's human enough to rise to the though that we're easily tough enough… 
And that's simply not where we're at. 

It's not like I'm trying too hard to make you understand
It's just that we may have let go of each others hand
I'm right where you left me I promise you I'll stay right here
Right here… right here.
from Quiet Town, released 01 May 2014