10.  The Best of Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong.  I love this album on so many levels.  It’s one of my main go-too’s when we host a dinner for friends, or it’s book reading night.  Musically I’ve been incredibly influenced by Jazz and there is something about listening to Louis’ performances that makes me want to be better…

9. Sigur Ros - Takk.  Seriously one of the most epic albums of all time. Huge and intricate… This is a MUST album. If I had of run into this album when I was younger I think it would have been number 1.

8. Michael Knott - Live of David.  Mike makes it twice.  This album opens with “When I say i’m living with and angel, thats you”… acoustic, voice, raw, real.  The whole album is incredible.  I “feel” this album the same way I “felt” it when I first heard of it.  

7.  77’s - 77’s.  This is a great album.  Back in the day everyone thought these guys were going to be bigger than U2.  I have to say, I liked them better on the whole.  I always thought Mike Roe was such a fantastic guitarist… turns out I was right.  “Do it For Love” has become an anthem for me over the years, and now my little girl can sing it word for word.  Way to span a generation eh?

6. The Choir - Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen.  I grew up listening to these guys… and if it wasn’t for this album I would have listed an older one of theirs.  It would seem that they are getting better!  Slow, steady, melodic, introspective, feels like summer.  I love this album… I could actually put this on higher on the list…

 5. Clutch - Clutch.  Some people say Lemmy, some say Ozzy, some even say Metallica… I say Clutch.  Loud and proud.  This is my favourite groove metal, pure rock band that sings about Marlin Brando, Sasquatch and Planet of the Apes.

4. Neil Finn - One All. Here’s another new game changer for me. You can hear elements of this album in “Quiet Town” because I heard about this one about the time I was recording the album. I fell in love with the depth and layers of guitar and sounds. I loved the brilliant lyrics. Totally worthy of number 4.

3. U2 - Joshua Tree.  I bought this album the same time I bought OK Computer, and at the time the Radiohead album eclipsed this one in terms of how much it got played, but easily caught up over the years.  This is the only U2 album I ever truly fell in love with.  Something about the tension of the guitars, and Bono’s vocals.  I don’t know what with or without you is all about, but I love it so much I covered it.

2. Radiohead - OK Computer.  This was one of the first albums I consciously bought after high school.  I was familiar with the more straight ahead albums from Radiohead… this album blew my mind around 1997 and still does.  I leaned every bass line, every nuance of every instrument and it became permanently etched in my brain.  It’s a true masterpiece in my mind.  It was Paranoid Android that really caught my attention… 

1.  Michael Knott - Grace Shaker.  Here is my number one.  This album has shaped me more than any other, and continues to be in my top played albums currently.  This is the kind of songwriting I try to emulate on many levels.  The Acoustic vibe meets gritty lyrical content… the effortless talking melodies mixed with a little bit of heavy easily sit as my favourite album of all times.  Add to the fact that it was mailed to me by Mike because my tape wore out and I couldn’t find it anywhere