House show??! Yes you can host one, yes you have enough room… and it’s the BEST way to experience music. Share if you care

So….what exactly is a House Concert anyway? 
A “House Concert” is exactly what the name suggests: it’s simply a concert in somebody’s house. 
A house concert is not a house party with background music. It is a new style venue for music appreciation. It is an opportunity to slow down and open your ears and heart, do something different and LISTEN to some live music. 
What happens at house concerts?

Not all house concerts are the same, but generally speaking, people begin arriving about 30 minutes prior to the show to settle in. Often guests are invited to bring finger foods to share and/or some beer and wine to sip on while the magic happens.

When it’s showtime guests move into the room designated for the music (usually just the biggest room in the house) the host introduces the musician and the show begins.

Typically there are two sets of music with a short break to stretch and grab a CD from the artist. 

Can I just show up?

The house concert venue wasn’t usually designed with concerts in mind, which makes for a unique cosy atmosphere. We emphasize cosy because it’s often 30 people or so in a living room which which actually makes the event more fun. However, because of the limited seating you almost always need to RSVP, and do it quick because these shows sell out really fast. 

How does the artist get paid?
Many artists that will perform a house concert do this for a full time living. More often than not there is a ticket price for the show… perhaps $15 or so. Very often you will also see a donation jar or somewhere that you can drop some money in to help support the artist.

If you love the music, you can also buy some of the artists merch! A great way to show some love and take home a memory of an amazing evening. 

What if I made a reservation, but can’t make it to the show?

The best thing to do is to make sure the host knows you can’t make it. There is usually a waiting list of people that would like to attend. If you just don’t show up someone else will be missing out right?

Are there any house rules?

Yes. You are in someone’s house and it’s always a good thing to respect the normal social rules of indoor life like, for example, clean up after yourself, no fire crackers, wrestling is right out, knife fights must be restricted to the backyard, no camels or lammas in the house, turn off your cell phone etc.

How much will it cost me to host a show?

It should cost you nothing. Unless you get crazy and spend a few bucks on bon bons for your guests. But in reality there should be no reason to spend a lot of money. Guest bring everything they need for the night, it’s a low-fi music gathering of awesome and the ticket price or donations will cover the artists fee for the night. 

How do I book a house concert with Deni Gauthier?

The first step is to check your calendar and have a few dates ready and email Deni directly at @

We book it, promote it (unless you’d rather do a private show) have some fun, live a little and participate in true community. After all, it sure beats watching Seinfeld re-runs right?