See those little teeth marks? We find them on fruit all over the place. Occasionally in soap, vegetables and furniture. 

I’m really going to miss them… 

He ate a mouthful out of a bar of soap at our friends house the other week. Right after he had an explosive poop that fired up out of the back of his diaper and on to my pants. 

I came down the stairs from the studio one day and scanned the kitchen. It was way too quiet… then I saw him, he stood up on the counter, laughed AT me, jumped over the sink made a quick left turn to run across the counter towards the stove. Thanks goodness I can run too.

A few days ago Emmett, ran up to me, stopped, looked up and smiled into my eyes with pure love for what seemed like minutes before he open hand slapped me in the crotch and ran away laughing.

I fell so hard the record player skipped.

And time stretches on. Someday he will have his own kid to chase… Makes me happy and sad. Sappy I guess. 

I wish I could stop time. I think I’d stay here.