It was the early years really… grade nine, and into ten. I was an awkward ginger kid, barely conscious in the world and slowly waking up to the fact that I could like any music that I wanted.

I used to record songs off the one radio station that I could get clearly where we lived in the country… It just happened to be a 90’s light mix station.

I’d wait for the top six at six with my finger on record so I could tape over last nights top six at six hoping for some heavier music this time.

But that never happened. So I’d throw my cassette into my Sony Walkman for the next mornings bus ride to Paris High.

Every one of these songs in this playlist immediately sits me down in the old school bus staring out the window with my knees up against the seat in front of me. Watching people get on the bus… I should name a few of you 

I can remember the whole route that ended up at our final destination in Paris Ontario. I always felt melancholy when we arrived.. it’s no wonder based on the songs I ended up gravitating to. And it’s no wonder I have a strong love for melodic ballads now.

Enjoy the playlist! Maybe it’ll bring back some memories for you too. I’ll do more playlists… with better music I promise. I have to be honest though, these songs define grade nine for me in a lot of ways.