I’m an artist. 

I consider myself mostly a songwriter, and I’m happy with that. I suppose I shouldn’t say “happy,” although I am in many regards. I live in a world of narrow contentment. I’m trying hard to evolve and improve, and sometimes I have to be content with my craft however it turns out. I create stuff, and there is a fine line there with finding satisfaction in your art and just being not OK. Sometimes, you have to let it go or you drive yourself crazy… 

The lead-up to this journey was a long one. My whole professional life, actually. I had been talking to other very capable producers for this project, but Andre Wahl didn’t sugar coat anything. As opposed to telling me how much he loved it, “Dre” was the first to tell me what he actually thought of my music and what he believed I could do. I was willing to listen. Welcomed a new perspective, in fact. So I choose Andre, and for some reason, he chooses me too. And so begins my first artist/producer relationship, and my first real effort to step up to the plate and create something I could have never done on my own. 

We’ve set up shop in an old brick schoolhouse. I brought my dog, my guitars and my songs, and I’m here to record an album. There is no fancy iso booth. There is no drum room. There’s a fireplace, a couple of beds, and a century of mojo hanging in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife. There’s a sound of its own in this room, and it’s hard to put a finger on it. 

It’s kind of cold; a bit damp perhaps, but it’s been like that for a few days so that’s nothing new. I’m listening to music. I’m also being instructed by a very deserving mentor. He says things like “THIS is how you listen to music… Hear the whole song and try to hear just one instrument… Feel the song and figure out where the notes push and where they pull, then hear it again and get deeper in to it!" 

I feel like I’m hearing music for the first time. There is a red disco kind of light hanging in the corner. And a turtle lamp. Neither one produce the kind of light you could read by, but ideal for listening. 

Andre is wise. Don’t make this complicated, live in the moment, the album will get done, have faith and relax. Have faith. So I listen. 

This is my account of the process, and a deeper look into the songs I hope you will love. If you listen, you’ll hear the tags on my dog’s collar, the zippers on our sweaters, stomping cold feet on the floor, impromptu musical endings, inexplicable voices, banging sticks, a creepy old record player, and life. 

A lot of life went into this one…